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Spring is in the air!
Now is the time to turn on your system


We'll prepare your watering system for lasting through the winter months.

Spring Turn On

Pressurizing your sprinkler system and ensuring optimal function as soon as the seasons change.


Our experts will review your property and provide an implementation plan.


We provide the initial installation of a system as well as continued maintenance and consulting on areas of concern.

Founded in 1965

Green Lawn Sprinklers is proud to be Rhode Island's first irrigation company.

Green Lawn Sprinklers is dedicated to providing professional high-quality service, We offer the finest customer service to our clients and continually seek new ways to provide improved services through efficiency and technological advances in the irrigation industry.

If you would like to schedule an appointment please speak to a representative at any one of our locations during normal business hours.


Green Lawn Sprinklers has the proud distinction of being the first irrigation company in Rhode Island and has continually been family operated since 1965.

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