Underground Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Green Lawn Sprinklers of Rhode Island provides professional design, installation, and maintenance of all phases of landscaping, installation and servicing of underground automated lawn sprinklers systems. 
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Green Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Services

Green Lawn Sprinklers is dedicated to providing professional high quality service an installation for an exceptional irrigation system.  We offer the finest customer service to our customer and continually seek new ways to provide improved services through efficiency and technological advances in the irrigation industry.


  • Pressurizing the irrigation system
  • Thoroughly check all heads to ensure coverage and adjustments are proper
  • Ensure heads are free from any growth
  • Be certain valves are opening and closing properly
  • Program timer for proper watering applications and start times


  • Close all water valves
  • Remove water from all lines ensuring they are empty to avoid freezing using air pressure
  • Place timer in the off mode to keep power from the system


  • Meet with clients to review areas of concern and restore system to proper watering conditions


  • Review the property to provide a model of how the irrigation system will operate for each landscape requirement


  • Using the latest technology and products developments to properly design an irrigation system to meet the needs of the landscape
  • Position each sprinkler head location using professional marking flags
  • Pipes are installed using professional equipment to minimize damages
  • Hand trenching will be done for those areas requiring special attention
  • Properly set all sprinkler heads below the landscape for safe lawn mowing
  • Connect the irrigation system to its own water source for optimal gallons per minute and water pressure
  • Apply for proper building permits and a digsafe from local authorities
  • Remove all garden hoses form the landscape!!!

Take Advantage Of Our


You can set both appointments with one call to ensure when the weather changes you will be ready. 
Discount Apply, Please call for Detail and restrictions.

In Case Of An Emergency:

Turn of the water to the system. Please amiliarize yourself with this location. Your technician has shown you the water shut off labeled at the water supply for the sprinkler system.

Call for an appaitment to review or correct any problems with the sprinkler system.

If You Require Service:

  • Our office is personally staffed from 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday and 8am -1pm Saturday.
  • Winter hours are:
    8am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday.
  • Calls sent to voicemail outside normal business hours will be checked to ensure an emergency is addressed.